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    A few notes about the Shapeways SOAP API specification for the Shapeways folks...

    1) In the specification, an entry in a MaterialArray has a "shininess" property. But in looking at the details as provided by the wsdl, I noticed that they are being sent out with a "shineness" property instead. Oops! Might want to fix that.

    2) Many of the fields specified in the API don't actually have meaningful data assigned to them. This includes the "wallthickness" and "technology" fields of the printer specs, and the various "colour" (and related) properties of the materials. Some, but not all, of the materials also have "description = None" showing up on my end.

    What would an estimated timeline be, on filling in some of that data, particularly the "wallthickness" field and the rendering data? Both would be very nice to have.

    3) Pricing data. I see a nice start being made, in the "startup_cost" property (which isn't in the spec)... but clearly it's not done (as the value of it is always zero, and there's no "incremental_cost" to go with it, nor even the terminologyfor the scaling discounts of stainless with finishes). Using getModelPrice(), price models can be derived, and I'm doing so... but it's a bit of a pain to have to do so instead of simply having those included as a pricing template under the material itself.

    Other than that, though, looks good! Hope to have good news for all of us Blapewaderites (or Shendaysites?) soon.
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    Thanks Eric! I'll pass it along to our developers.


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    Thanks, Bart.

    Another thought... it looks like the Material IDs are in a fairly arbitrary order. It would be kind of nice to present them to the user in a more rationalized scheme, without (of course) constantly changing the actual reference IDs. I can do this internally, but it would be kind of nice to have a "List Priority" attribute for each material, so that you guys can set the default listing order when you add a new material. For example, if you add a new dye to WSF, it'd be nice to have that displayed under WSF (and previous dye options), rather than in an arbitrary position in the list of materials. Worth mentioning to those guys at the same time (IMO).

    Edited to change "Display Priority" to "List Priority" for clarity, and add the example.
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