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    is there a kind of interface whith platforms like amazon or ETSY?
    would be great to place the articles in an amazon shop whith direct order form to shapeways, but how would shapeways pay the mazon or etsy share?

    Is there some interface for that?

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    Sound of silence...
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    They have the Shopify connector, customers buy through your Shopify store and the order is fulfilled by Shapeways. I set mine up, tried having a customer purchase a part from it once, tore it all apart.
    Each part you add has to be manually connected tot he part in he Shapeways store. The connector thinks YOU ordered it, so YOU get all the shipping emails, payment emails, etc. Your customer does not have the ability to view the Shapeways end of the transaction.
    If this sounds like not an issue for you, then I'd recommend it.

    UPDATE: Shapeways has added the ability to download the Shopify compliant file yourself that has ALL of the connectors necessary to map parts from Shopify to Shapeways.
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    Thanks for the info, Ron.
    As far as I'm concerned that's a nail in the coffin of the Shapeways-Shopify connector :)