Shapeways' 3D prints, part of an exhibition in Athens

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by __DF__, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. __DF__
    __DF__ New Member
    I had a work presentation at the Athens School of Fine Arts recently.
    Two of the works, T-Gyroid and Shell, are both produced by Shapeways.
    More information here.
    Check a video on YouTube and some images on Flickr.



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  2. Marleen
    Marleen New Member
    Wow, :blush: Using Shapeways for an actual art exhibition :D !

    I saw the shell when it came out of production. I really like it. It is very beautiful and graceful design.

  3. __DF__
    __DF__ New Member
    Thank you Marleen :)

    This presentation included previews works as well. I am planning to make my next one only with 3D prints. Of course, I will post here again when done, hopefully during 2010...

    Thanx again!
  4. MindEversion
    MindEversion New Member
    how is the wall thicknes of the shell or th gyroid?
    i want to make larger objects (30 cm), but the price :( . i am privat not commercial. did you tested the minimal wall thickness?


  5. __DF__
    __DF__ New Member
    Hello Oliver :)

    The wall thickness of the shell is about 1mm. Same as the T-Gyroid model.

    I know exactly what you say, as I face the same problem each time I upload a model.
    I am trying to use 1mm wall thickness, also I try to make my models' surfaces look like a "grid" or any similar grid surface, just to keep the price down.

    However, whatever I tried on a 30cm model... gets immediately expensive... :(
  6. MindEversion
    MindEversion New Member
    thanks for the fast answer.
    ok, then i will make my bigger models with my old convential method .
    everything under 20 cm i will print here.
    here are my olders models. :cool:

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>




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  7. __DF__
    __DF__ New Member
    Great work Oli :)

    How much did you pay for the red piece to get it printed? Where?
  8. MindEversion
    MindEversion New Member
    this is self made. :)
    i would pay a lot for print in this size and wall thicknes.