Shapeway US facility should be ashamed of it

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  1. KorailDHCPP
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    This is what I got from shapeways US facility as a reprint after 'they closely looked on printing process.'
    Okay, I don't mind missing details like horn, skirt bar or antennas. they are thin and fragile.
    But what is this? offset printing?

    Yeah this one seems good, except missing/broken details. I say this is acceptable

    Contacted customer center and awaiting responses.

    Men, make me proud of North American manufacturing. Learn how they handle it in Netherlands!
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  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    I'm sorry, I'm a little confused as to what the issue is with your model. I may just not know what I'm looking for that you are saying is incorrect. The picture of the side looks a little rough, but by the scale of the item, using neighboring items in the picture as reference, it doesn't looks out of expectation. The differences in the front appear to be the result of print orientation.
  3. KorailDHCPP
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    1. it is just rough on the side.

    It's difficult to judge over picture, isn't it? it's not just rough but the carved detail in the front top square box look like thing is totally mixed/mingled with hairy surface so impossible to recover by sanding/polishing it. The carved detail is larger then 0.3 mm and the same level of detail wasn't problem before when the prints were shipped from Netherlands.

    2. It just printing orientation problem

    Tell me then how come the orientation problem results in different outcomes among those models shares the same direction principle. There are three types of in the model, all the file has the same direction on my side, but one has nice front as it looks in the first picture, where as all the other two have failed looks. I know you guys rotate orientation from time to time, but if you are going to say i put things in wrong direction, then again the blame goes to you guys, because you guys decide the ultimate direction.

    That ugly face out things are off more than 0.3 mm forward irregularly. It is not just fine lines or rough surface as mentioned in the material page
    It's just misprint.

    It seems you got a bit upset with my initial emotional posting, but understand it as the customer's part from continuous appointment.

    However, since it's not only me the degradation of printing quality of FUD recently, I think you would find a way to improve the outcome by listening to your colleagues and coworkers in Netherlands instead defending your position.