shape is PERFECT in magics> non-manifold for shapeways.

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by cloaca, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. cloaca
    cloaca New Member
    So, i'm an experienced modeler, I've had hunderds of parts printed by different companies and I thought I'd give Shapeways a try.

    Right so I use competitive service magics to fix my stl's, v13 64 bit.

    it's a deformed 3d scan, 200 000 triangles, remeshed, fixed, sealed, unified, perfect.

    In magics, you can do, "part fixing information" which shows all the errors, and there are none. no bad edges, no holes, no overlaps, no intersections. and when I upload the file, which I've done 13 times now. and i look at the preview, all I see is this minuscule red line/dot. and no trace of the model.

    and an email telling me it's non manifold.

    it is manifold. really.

    Can't show an image of the piece unfortunately, it's protected.


  2. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Have you tried opening it in meshlab?
  3. cloaca
    cloaca New Member
    I did that and it did find one more non manifold vertex in meshlab. but it still took 5 or 6 back and forths between meshlab and magics, esp the magics hollow shell gave trouble.. and i think i've simplified or auto fixed too much because some features are lost now.. but at least he swallows the model.

    so thanks, i have a way of fixing things now.
  4. Lyndzer
    Lyndzer New Member
    too bad the actual full version of magics costs around 8000 dollars..
  5. crsdfr
    crsdfr New Member
    I do love shrinkwrap though. One of that programs best features.

    Its autofix is also basically second to none.
  6. PeterHermans
    PeterHermans New Member
    Just thought I'd reply here because I had the same issue (sorry I'm too lazy too look up the topic) and the problem is with overlapping triangles. Magics has threshold settings for detecting overlapping triangles or not.

    __ __
    __ ----
    clean! error!

    So even though there is clearance between the triangles this can be detected as overlapping or not depending on the settings.

    I found out that this caused the trouble with my model. Lowering the threshold magics detected more and more overlapping triangles that I then manually fixed. Until the shapeways-check finally accepted it.

    The trouble really is that non-manifold doesn't give you enough information about what and where the error is. And the fact that Shapeways has not yet given me, at least, the right threshold settings for overlapping triangles.
  7. ArMOO
    ArMOO New Member
    Hi there,

    At the beginning I also had some problems in printing.
    I worked in Solidworks. You can tune your stl files.
    After alot of hours I found out that the standard settings are the best.
    I spent alot of time cleaning them in Magics, slowly destroying the shape. If you try to make as many as possible triangles you will end up having alot of duplicate triangles in cornners and steep edges. I wasn't able to fix the files anymore.
    So try to save them in a lower resolution, that might work.

    I don't have magics anymore but there's a menu called automatic fixing I think, he will tell you step by step what to do.
    You can also cut the affected part and remodel that part again.

    In magics is also a functio that makes shells or combines shells, thats also a helpfull tool. sorry if I'm vague but I don't have magics any more.

    Greetings AO

  8. cloaca
    cloaca New Member
    I found that what magics sees as overlapping, isn't necerarily a problem for shapeways, a shape with overlapping triangles can be manifold and printeable.