Sexyprints, New Color Figurines

Discussion in 'Feature this!' started by sexyprints, Jul 15, 2017.

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  2. IntelXeon
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    whoa i like that
  3. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    Good luck with getting an American company to feature an all too apparent mammal in their advertising though...
  4. sexyprints
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    ups.. you think so? its not full nude and has some artistic feeling in the pose... not a good idea? after all that work? would be frustrating... ???
  5. dewdrops
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  6. sexyprints
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    It looks a bit difficult to make advertisements whith my figurines.. in my eyes there is nothing outrageous in them.. It takes a lot of work to make nice scans, (except if you own a photogrammetry boot whith 60-80 cameras).. I made up a Facebook business site, but i cannot make any advertisments .. they have blocked me.. i am also afraid that shapeways may do same... very difficult matter...
  7. mkroeker
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    Try non-US media, or non-mammalian subjects...
  8. dewdrops
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    a pitty this rules.. i do not see anything obscene in them.. but if it is so.. then it might be better to drop this idea :-(
  9. IntelXeon
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    go to facebook and search pure beauty and nordic beauty learn from that less nude but maxium nuteral beauty
  10. MrNibbles
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    Facebook has become a fickle beast, but that's the cost of getting a free web page. Would they be happier with uploaded images having the classic black bars for naughty bits coverage?

    Are there any alternatives other than Twitter for social media marketing these days? Can Etsy be used as an advertising tool? Is it time for everyone to move to MySpace? :D
  11. numarul7
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    You can market them with black bars on the nipple zones. Is normal practice on EU-US massmedia (aka TV , Internet Broadcast). On Shapeways you can have it on the adult zone 18+ already implemented.
  12. Smashmaster12
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    I don't think I've ever seen someone print something like this before. This is like the next step up from "Sexy anime figurines" (I mean that as a compliment). Very cool idea!
  13. UniverseBecoming
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    Those prints look good except for the hair on each one. Maybe turn down the contrast or desaturate the hair so it looks less blotchy.

    To sell these I would come up with some kind of marketing angle. Like a story or something like that to give the consumer a reason to want to buy them and possibly collect them. Something like "The emergence of 3D photographic art for the modern age." Then go into 3D printing and 3D scanning and how the art of photography is evolving into 3D. Or anything. Just anything that the consumer can latch onto. There is still a little bit of WOW factor concerning 3D scanning and 3D printing but I don't think it's enough these days to entice people very much. If you had a way to present these to people 5 years ago then it would have worked fine back then, I feel, but nowadays, not so much.

    What going to be really interesting is when you can offer ultra-high resolution full-color prints! :D
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  14. sexyprints
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    Thanks.. I think you are right.... :-(