Setting Up A Product For Sale, Edit Product?

Discussion in 'Newcomers Lounge' started by davidjgrzesik, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. davidjgrzesik
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    So I have been trying to set up my first few models to sell recently to properly open a shop. After a bit of googling and troubleshooting I am seeing that through the Models page there is an Edit Product button to change details for the model ( So.... where is this Edit Product button? I'm looking in my Models page under workshop and for each of my models I only see Edit (Edit Model), 3D tools, and Delete. Edit model in this case changes settings for if I were to buy the model. Everywhere I look it seems to be as simple as "Oh, use this button here", but I'm either just really blind, completely misinterpreting things, or I'm not where I should be. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. stonysmith
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    Select the Edit button.. then at the top right, you'll see either "Sell this product" or "Edit product with this model"
  3. davidjgrzesik
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    Thanks for the response stony, this is the screen I see when I am editing this basic test product, the other steps in this process see no changes to the webpage... am I in the wrong place?

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  4. MrNibbles
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    I think you might be suffering from newer account syndrome. They were working on a model page revision earlier this year that people could opt to use if they checked the beta join in check box on one of the account settings pages. What might be happening is that newer accounts are getting stuck with the new model page which may be lacking in some features. Maybe changing your beta opt in setting will fix this problem but in a similar thread I thought a Shapeways person chimed in to say they were working on a fix. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  5. davidjgrzesik
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    That's really disappointing, would you happen to have a link to a thread for that? It looks like I have not been opted on for Beta features on my account, I guess I will just have to try to opt in and hope that something will figure itself out...... wish me luck
  6. MrNibbles
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  7. MadBikeSkills
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    Did you already create your Shop Page, I am not sure your can SELL THIS DESIGN unless you have a shop already set up.
  8. davidjgrzesik
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    I can't create a shop yet, when I try to it says I need at least one product in order to open a shop.
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  9. Petes
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    I have the same issue, there's absolutely no way to make a shop. I have tried for long hours to the point where I feel nauseated.