Setting "scale" when uploading?

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    Hi All,

    I'm a newbie uploading my first model (an STL exported from topmod). When I select "inches" from the Scale choices on the upload page, my model is too big (over 17cm long), but when I select "millimeters", it is too small (0.7 cm long).

    Is there any way to specify the exact dimensions I want, when exporting or upload? Not sure how to do that ...


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    You can load your model into "MeshLab'.

    On the Mac version, select the Filters Menu -> Normals, Curvature, and Orientation -> Apply Transform. Select "Scale" and check "Uniform". Resize as desired. Click "Close and Freeze", and then export the model.

    There is a useful calculator here to get the size correct for the desired amount you want to pay.,-Get-the-Ri ght-Price.html
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