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  1. I have been approached by somebody wanting to sell our products in their store. So that got me thinking of how I can offer a discount to one particular customer.

    I think the only way to do this would be for me to sell them a gift certificate with say a $100.00 face value for something like $80.00 or so. The exact numbers would have to be calculated to be greater than the cost of items but be less than retail value so he can put his markup on the product.

    I use a standard % markup for all of my products so it should work out.

    Is anybody else doing anything like this? If so, do you have any suggestions?

    I know I have seen gift certificates offered by Shapeways before but I cannot find it now. Can somebody send me a link to purchase a Shapeways gift certificate.

    Thank You
    TDR Innovations
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    You could also make a duplicate item in your shop, set to private, with a different markup than the public one. Then share this private link with them and they'll be able to order it, but no one in the public will see it.
  4. The duplicate product listing might be a good approach to allow me and the retailer to "grow" into this new business arrangement.

    I could look and see what are my best sellers and then make duplicates of these listings........this might work out best.

    Thank You
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    Also if the model geometry and material rules allow, you could have multiple copies of the model within one model file.