Selling Multiple Parts As One Bundle

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by FRKGdesign, Nov 25, 2019.

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    Is it possible to sell multiple bundled parts as one product? For example, if my product consists of 3 separate parts which have to be printed separately, but it only makes sense to buy them together, can I set them up as one product with one total price? Or does the customer have to order the three parts separately?
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    You can all set them up in a single file, but: a), you either connect them with sprues or b), expect the file to be expensive. SW's pricing algorith is not optimized for having multiple parts in one file and so you either sprue them, even with a single thin wire, or it will cost a lot. The sprue that physically connects the parts make them count as a single piece and so it won't cost nearly as much as three separate pieces. Of course you can remove the sprue afterwards just as in regular plastic kits.

  3. FRKGdesign
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    I would prefer uploading different files (STLs) - I am just wondering if these can be bundled to a set for buyers or not?

    You have an interesting point on the sprues though. Is it cheaper to have parts in one file and connected by sprues than printing multiple different files? (You only mention it's cheaper than printing a file with multiple parts.) Second, what kind of sprues (how thin etc) would be sufficient to get the cheaper price and can be easily removed as well (assuming Versatile Plastic print)?
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    If you want you could upload different files and create different products, but there's no way to bundle them, the only thing you can do is put them in the same shop category (i.e. parts of a kit under the section: 1/700 Ship Model Kits).

    Yes, it is generally cheaper to have multiple parts sprued in one file. There are two things to consider here: the point from which you do not consider this cheap anymore (i.e. the maximum price + your eventual markup if you sell it, that you are willing to spend for it); and particular shapes, generally those with lots of negative space, that are more expensive than standard ones because the machine space is proportionately a lot more and thus price goes up. In this latter case you may want to have a file for each piece.
    Generally I use 2mm thick cytlindrical sprues, which are easy to make, are resistant just enough not to bend when handling the model during post-production processing, and are the cheapest to make because they occupy so little space and have little volume.

    There are no hard rules for these, I had to figure them out for myself by working with SW and tweaking my models during the last two year (consider this for just Versatile Plastic since 80% of my models are made in that material and so I cannot be sure whether or not this would work for every material SW offers).