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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by patrickvdvelden, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. patrickvdvelden
    patrickvdvelden New Member
    Today I received an email saying that the model I sold is being printed and shipped to our mutual customer.
    Attached to that email is a PDF file containing what seems to be a markup invoice as if I created that invoice myself:

    Is this for my own administration or am I supposed to do something here?
  2. joris
    joris New Member

    this is a credit invoice that is for your own administration.

  3. Marleen
    Marleen New Member
    Hi Patrick,
    As a shop owner you earn money depending on the sales you do in your shop.

    We send you a self bill invoice. This states how much you charge us for the mark up.

    We are now in the process to automate this. You've seen the first step. Joris will send all Shop owners a newsletter soon to explain all improvements we make.

  4. omcdesign
    omcdesign New Member
    how and where can we see the total markup we have made till today and how can we liquidize that markup?
  5. Ushanka
    Ushanka New Member
    If you go to My Profile, the very last link on the right column says "Order Overview". It will direct you to an Excel file that shows every order that's been made from your shop.
  6. virtox
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