Seeking modeler for Sword 1/3 scale

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    I am currently looking for a modeller who can recreate a black sword from the anime Sword Art Online in 1/3 scale. Sample photos of the sword can be found here: os%20Sword

    I will be needing the sword and the scabbard, with the two fitting together perfectly. This will be my first time trying out Shapeways, so the sword and scabbard will be printed here. I need this sword to be fairly light, can withstand a drop from chest level and fairly smooth. If you have any suggestions, please share. If the final printed product comes out reasonably well, I will be commissioning the same person for a few more swords and most likely other simple objects in the future. More details and exact measurements will be given later to the modeller.

    The Job will be award based on the price quoted and quality of work (portfolio). Payment will be made through Paypal as soon as the details have been settled and the modeller accepts the job. I don't have a deadline for when this job must be completed, but it should be done within a reasonable time frame of 1 week.

    If you are interested, please contact me at

    Many thanks,
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    see this if you accept i will give u the stl file