Seeking help and suggestion on the minimum resoultion of a model

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  1. gwfalcon
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    Hi Team,

    Newbie here. In a couple of days I would like to send some models to shapeways for printing. I would like to ask a question on the minimum resolution of a model.

    I know that the minimum wall-thickness for most product (I am going to use one of them) is 0.1 mm. But does it mean that it is the minimum length of the polygon in a model? Kindly see the attached document. I have marked a 3mm length as a reference. You can see lots of triangles are there at the curvey edge, and their length surely is much less then 1 mm. For this case, can shapeways handle it?

    Thanks a lot for all help, suggestions, and explanantions!

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  2. pfeifferstylez
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    I guess you mean 1mm, because the absolute minimum wall-thickness (for prints in "Frosted Ultra Detail") is 0,3mm ...

    Nope, it's the required material to make sure the models survive printing, cleaning, and (hopefully) shipping without breaking or deformation.

    There are some nice pics about what might happen if walls are too thin on the FD/FUD design rules page.
  3. gwfalcon
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    Many thanks for your detailed reply. Clear as crystal!!