Seeking 3D Modeler For Modeling, Texturing & Rendering Work

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    We are seeking an experienced modeler to work from a patent illustration like the one below. Please note the image we've provided is a representative sample of the work we'll have you model. We cannot disclose the actual object without a signed NDA on file. The actual object is of a similar complexity with similar mechanical shapes.

    sample image.jpeg

    1.) 3D Model, fully textured. You can work in any software application but the final model must be delivered as a .dwg as well as whatever native file generated by your application.
    2.) Front View, Back View, Top View, Perspective View & Exploded View renders with photorealistic lighting. Render resolution should be 2560X1440. Please include an alpha channel for easy compositing.
    3.) Possibly create an actual physical version via Shapeways. However, this is optional and not necessary for our presentation purposes.

    - online website or portfolio with examples of photorealistic product imagery. Do not submit character work.
    - proven expertise here on Shapeways; shippable products created from detailed drawings are preferred.
    - proven ability to work with clients.
    - proven ability to work quickly, efficiently and execute redraft notes.
    - proven expertise in texturing and lighting. Modeling skills isn't sufficient.

    I've personally been an art director for nearly 20 years and am a skilled 3D modeler myself. I've primarily used 3ds Max for modeling, texturing, lighting and mechanical (non-character) animation. The rest of our team are skilled engineers and illustrators.

    We believe a skilled modeler can model our product in under 4 hours. Render times will vary based on the performance of your system.

    - samples of your work
    - an estimate for what this project will cost
    - a start date and estimated completion date
    - a signed NDA (the blank NDA will be uploaded in a subsequent message)

  2. justinevans
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    The NDA referred to in the previous message is attached. Thank you!

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  3. stonysmith
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    From the drawing above, your object appears to include a "filter" in the middle of the model.
    If you are expecting that filter to be 3d-printed, you likely are going to be disappointed.
    3dPrinting can't currently handle the vanes on the filter.. can't do stuff that thin.

    Now.. as to the body of the device.. no worries as to shape, but you might have troubles with the porosity of the 3d materials available.
  4. justinevans
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    We appreciate your advice! :D Please note that the image is only a sample and therefore not indicative of the actual materials needed in a 3D object.
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    The position is now filled! Thank you for your interest! :p