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Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by CuttingEdgeFlutes, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. CuttingEdgeFlutes
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    I'm setting up my shop, first privately to get it organized and set up as best I can, then I will make it public. There seem to be a few issues with that route, however.

    1. While private, and I've seen this mentioned in other threads, the sections are disabled? Has this been fixed? If so, how do I do it?

    2. I will have 5-10 sections, each with 30 models. All will initially be private. Is there an efficient way to select them all to change to public and put them up for sale? Going in model by model will be a huge waste of time.
  2. CuttingEdgeFlutes
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    So nothing on these issues? :confused
  3. CuttingEdgeFlutes
    CuttingEdgeFlutes New Member
    Talking to myself here, but I'll not be deterred.

    So, I only have access to sections when the item is listed for the public. But then to list publicly, I have to open it for purchase before I set the markup. To set the markup, I have to use the CSV, as I can find no option on the model page for that. The entire point of the CSV to to allow efficient alterations (e.g., markup to all models or something). But if I wait until I've activated for public sale all 240 of my models, each one done one at a time by hand in a slow process, then use the CSV, people could buy models before I have any chance to set a markup.

    This just all seems crazy. I really hope that I am missing something easy here.

    Seems I will have to first, one model at a time, make it a private listing (x240), then download the CSV, markup, reupload. Then, one model at a time, set it to public, one model at a time move to a section. So 240x3 over 700 iterations! :mad:
  4. Magic
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    I am afraid you found the solution...
    Models by default are private not for sale. You have to put them private for sale to be able to use the CSV to set the markup and then turn them to public in order to offer them for sale...
    I agree that with 240 models, this is not an easy task...
  5. CuttingEdgeFlutes
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    Hi Magic, yes, I'm going through it all now. I found a few short cuts (I can set to sale/public, move it to a pre-defined section, then set to sale/private to hide for now and use CSV later). But still monotonous! It's just a weird thing that sections are only defined or exist on the shop edit page when the model is in public mode. Can't imagine that would be hard to change.
  6. Magic
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    Yes, the fact that the section do not appear when the model is provate is a bug that has already been mentionned some times ago. It seems also easy to fix from my point of view, but for some reasons, it's still there...