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Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by Pawz2142, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Pawz2142
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    This is going to be a messy creation but i think it can be done. My Character from Second Life pulled from the client into 3D files the reconstructed and transferred into whatever the format is to do the printing...My concerns other than pulling the 3D object is the complexity of the character. I saw a dragon on the front page that looked pretty good but I'm still skeptical.

    Now i know i can pull the 3D objects though OpenGL but I'm not that good with the 3D programs to piece them all together cause if i remember right it takes each piece of the avatar and each has it's own file. I'll probably need help with that...
  2. Hieron
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    Hmm can't help you with getting the character out of the game, but just want to say that any game character is probably very non-complex.

    I believe they accept files up to 500k poly's atm.. most game models run around 5k I guess... so no problems there. (ofcourse you do lose normal map details if you send in the raw model)
  3. Pawz2142
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    Yeah in not too picky on the detail i guess. Stuff like eyes and ears seem like they should turn out well enough. I guess this brings up another question, Can they be painted?

    Just to elaborate on Second Life. Everyone "owns" their own character so there's no copy right issues.
  4. Dalhimar
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    They should be paintable, and if not you can at least clean the models up to give them a nice finish