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    I'm posting this up mainly for myself to use in the future, but also for anyone else who might be interested. To search the shops here on Shapeways using Google I've come up with these methods.

    Searches shops offering designs compatible with ceramic material that are also downloadable.
    "download model" "ceramics" "Contact Designer"

    Find products in shops that have been favored between 200 and 500 times.
    "Favorited by 200..500" "Contact Designer"

    Searches in shops for keywords heart and pendants.
    "heart" "Pendants" "Contact Designer"

    Another example, searching for the keywords cargo and miniatures.
    "cargo" "miniatures" "Contact Designer"

    To search for just a single tag, the only way I could find is to go to one of the products in your shop and make a temporary tag that you want to search for and then just click on it when out of edit mode. When you're done searching you just go back to that product and delete the tag. Or you can find a shop that already has the tag and click on it.

    Post up any search methods you come up with too if you want! :D

    [Edit] Made changes to reflect changes to shop page format.
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    Updated to coincide with Shapeways' new shop page format.
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    Nice tips UniverseBecoming :) Thank you!
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    Thank you for sharing all of this, we are open to suggestions in improving the way shops are surfaced on the site.
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