Sealing WSF Dice

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by mctrivia, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. mctrivia
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    What would be the best way to seal a die made of WSF so it would be resistant to drink spills? Please note keeping the weighting of the die the same as before is important.
  2. stannum
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    Acrylic varnishes, as the one used for pictures or miniatures, sold in small bottles or pots. They are normally white liquid but dry clear, and WSF will drink it. Marabu, Liquitex, Vallejo... those brands.

    Of course, if you want fairness, get precision dice or better use a random number generator based in quatum noise. Plain dice sometimes have hidden bubbles, WSF properties vary with orientation.
  3. mctrivia
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    The point is to seal dice made at shapeways. I deign them to be as fair as possible. But WSF is porous and people want to know the best way to seal it without lossing the fair aspect.

    Buying non shapeways dice is not an option.
  4. pfeifferstylez
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    Two or three thin(!) layers of matt varnish.

    For "heavy duty" dice a layer of gloss varnish and one or two layers of matt varnish.

    I didn't use Marabu or Liquitex yet, but Vallejo products are fine for WSF prints.
  5. nexus6
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  6. ZoeBrain
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    I face a slightly different problem regarding 1/144 aircraft, but with possibly the same solution.

    I wish to get rid of the rough texture of WSF, whole retaining the printed detail.

    I do this by dipping in Feast Watson Weatherproof Polyurethane wood floor sealant. It makes the surface water-repellant.

    For the aircraft, a further coating by brush is needed, but it's sealed by the first one.