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  1. hi there!

    i am Brand-spankin' new to the 3D modeling world, just dipping my toes into Sculptris, and I just have a quick question to any passerbys: How do you figure/calculate the appropriate size for a model? How does sculpting work while keeping in mind its size relative to real-life? What can I do to avoid making something far too big, or too small?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    @thedevillivedinsideus Hey there!
    Welcome to the world of 3D modeling, it is super fun!

    The few times I used Sculptris, I've only used it for texturizing a model I made in Fusion360 (there's a lot of great alphas out there on the web), so the sizing was already pretty much set. I don't remember that you can do that within Sculptris. Since it is the free version of Zbrush, there are understandably limitations.

    You can upgrade to Zbrush if you are already familiar with Sculptris GUI but if money is an issue, you can switch to Blender which is free and has a Sculpt mode that you can play around with and you can set the measurements to either imperial or metric. The learning curve is steep and the GUI isn't as self explanatory but once you get it, it is the best thing ever. I am a blender user so I am a bit biased if you can't tell lol.

    Can't wait to see your creations, be sure to share it with this community, we are a great supportive bunch!
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