Sculptor for 1:76 / 24mm scale figures

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    I am looking for a a modeler / sculptor who could create miltary and railway figures in 1:76 / 24mm scale. Below an example.


    The shown image are actually sculpted masters which are used to cast models in white metal ... this is the style I am looking for. As you can see form these masters, the 3D models do not have to be too detailed and can be a bit sturdier, as these will only be small figures.

    The figures need to be based on images. Below a picture of the first type of figure I need. the butcher on the right.


    I am looking for an expected price per figure (not an hourly rate) in the 3 categories shown in the first picture:

    (1) Single figure
    (2) Torso with alternate heads
    (3) Torso with alternate heads and separated arms

    Looking forward to your replies.


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    I could use some work. Here is a link to some of the figures I've produced in 3D and in clay and other materials in various scales.
    The Ultimate figures and the New figures are all 3D work.
    Here is a recent figure I am going to be releasing on my site.
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