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  1. viktorv
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    3D Modelling for 3D printers.I can do your work exactly as you wanted .
    I have 4 years experience in 3D modeling.
    25 years of real sculpture experience.
    Ask your questions by email or PM, please.
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  2. EarlFerg
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    I love creating 3D objects with AutoDesk MeshMixer, however, I seem to have difficulty trying to access the print options icon. When I click on it, this message is displayed on the screen: "The current printer does not have software associated with it. Go to Printer Properties to set up software.". I don't yet own a 3D printer, I just want to send an STL file to Shapeways. I opened the MeshMixer Printer Properties dialog box, but I really don't know what to type in as links or file locations. I would be grateful if you could please tell me how do I solve this problem of not being able to print from MeshMixer? Thank you very much. Earl (
  3. viktorv
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    Hello! I do not use MeshMixer(. But not a problem. Send me a file. I'll prepare it for Shapeways.
  4. Peter3D
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    You don't have to use the print button, it's for when you have a local printer connected to your computer.

    1) Use: (file) > export
    This will export your model to an obj file. (if you want to export as STL, select your choice in the dropdown list.)

    2) click the upload button on Shapeways, and select your created obj. (or STL)

    That's it.