Scoobie Bracelets

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  1. Magic
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    OK, they actually arrived, but I prefer keeping them as work in progress, I will explain why later.

    The Scoobie Bracelet and the Twisted Scoobie Bracelet are two bracelets made like lanyards.

    The regular one is made of 4 strings forming actually 4 loops.

    For the twisted one, I twisted one end of a quarter of turn before joining both ends. It is made of one single string and thus one loop (similar to a moebius shape).

    Their internal circumference is 20 cm.

    Unfortunately, they are not flexible as I expected. So your fist has to go through a circle of 20 cm of circumference if you want to wear them. I'll try to make thinner strings (currently they are 1.5x3mm) to get a better flexibility (hopefully). That's why they are still tagged "work in progress".

    Check the video.

    Do you like them?

  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    I do like them, what about trying elasto?
  3. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member
    Yes, you are right. It should work with Elasto Plastic. And the thickness should be enough.
    But I am not really convinced by the black color...
    I will perhaps give it a try: I have still 6 days left to decide :)

    [EDIT] Arghhh: the clearance should be 1.5mm so unfortunately this design won't work with Elasto Plastic (only 0.5mm of clearance)
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