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  1. I know Sci-Fi covers a LOT of ground, but I'd love a discussion of trends (current, past...future?) in Sci-Fi design concepts.

    I'd like to start my Shapeways shop once I have a few spaceships designed and printed for myself. At least, for now, I'll focus on miniatures ship and futuristic vehicle designs. After some consideration, I'm going to keep my models averaged around the same size as the 1/270 ships for Star Wars X-Wing, but they will not be Star Wars ships. They'll be original designs (if not "borrowed" concepts, from time to time). I'll make them in the mindset that they COULD be used with X-Wing or another game like that, but they won't be specifically FOR that game.

    What are some of the trends that people are buying right now when it comes to Sci-Fi miniatures? Are they buying for gaming? What games? Display-only? Should I think of larger or smaller ships and vehicles? Are people even interested in original designs, or do they only want items that are specifically attached to an existing franchise? How about spending extra for detailed models versus simpler, cheaper models?

    I picked up a TIE Advanced miniature for the X-Wing game, and I love the amount of detail in this model. Once painted (as these are), the details really stand out, and there's no way this model could be made with that level of detail in WSF. I would think that it would need to be made with FUD, FXD or Hi-Def Acrylate. Are people buying those materials for miniatures of this sort? I've yet to buy a model in HDA for myself, but I'd love to see how it performs.

    With any luck, I'll start designing what will hopefully be my "best sellers of all time" overnight tonight, but if I need to change focus before I get too into it, I will.

    So...are people at all interested in original universe stuff?

    After these questions have been answered, I'd love to discuss actual design concepts within Sc-Fi, mostly Space Opera forms of the genre.
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    If you're still on SW, I'd like to hear what ideas you have. I'm a start-up sci-fi game developer.
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    Is there any dimensions of X-Wing ship models? Like TIE fighter or x-wing itself
  4. darkedgeunl
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    I think MEL's miniatures page on SW has all the Star Wars ships and dimensions.
  5. MelangeToys
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    PM sent.
  6. midgart
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    Please mail me if you can offer me the models:
    - Naboo H-Type Yacht (Star Wars II - Attack of the Clones)
    - Neimoidian armed Shuttle (Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Dooku Captured")
    - Stealth Ship/Cruiser (Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Cat and Mouse")
    - ...
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    I love your thoughts very much
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    Hi Daisy78.
    Thank you.
    I hope someone will offer them very soon!
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    I'm the OP. I was not allowed to change my username as we used to be able to do so I created a new account.

    Anyway, I may create a few gaming miniatures in the future, but I believe I've moved onto other avenues, though still Sci-Fi, so this thread still applies.

    My own long-term goals are to create my own line of Sci-Fi toys and models and (my Holy Grail) to recreate the Studio Scale Refit USS Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Yup, all 8'4" of it.