Scanner Data (STL) to be repaired and modeled

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    I am working for a museum and thus we had scanned various sculptures. The real world dimension of the scans are mostly about 30-80 cm (12"-32").
    As we have a high precision scanner, the amount of data is quite high, about 150MB to 1GB.
    As the nature of scanning is, to leave holes and "non-scanned areas", we want to repair and sculpture the STL data afterwards. I tried following programs:

    Meshlab, Netfabb, Viscam, Rhino, solidworks(student)

    Meshlab unfortunaltely only has a manual repair mode, i.e. for holes you have to manually select, which hole you want to be fixed.
    Makes fun at 5,000+ holes .... :D
    Netfabb runs out of memory, despite the brandnew, hottest, fastest PC we are using right now.
    Viscam just runs out of time, number crunching too long ...
    Rhino is nice, but not an STL modeling/editing tool
    Solidworks the same as Rhino

    My questions are:
    is there any STL sculpturing tool in the market, where I can model like in clay ?
    Is there any tool in the market, which can do repair of holes etc. automatically?
    I am not looking for freeware, we want/can pay for good software.
    Help is very much appreciated - we need to crunch about 55GB STL data .... :rolleyes:
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