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    Betamag X7.jpg Hi, I am a scenario paintballer from Wulfenkow Legion, one of the bigger scenario teams on the East Coast. We all own at least one Tippmann paintball marker. I personally own the Tippmann X7. The X7 has a removable magazine, but the magazines available provide limited designs at best. Some of us (myself included) fancy ourselves support gunners, and have modified our markers to shoot large amounts of paint, and having the UMP-style, 20-some capacity, .45-size magazine does not "go" with the rest of our gear. What I personally want is a mock Betamag C-Mag. I was thinking basically take a 3D model of a Cmag, chop out the bit that is AR-specific, and replace that bit with the stock mag attachment "nubs". I don't have the CAD skills to do this myself just yet, but I'll gladly pay for some simple design work if it means that one of our team members can just order one online.

    Will post photos with sketches of basics soon. I can also send a copy of the mag in the mail if scanning it is how you wanna do the model of the X7 compatibility components.
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