Scaling OBJ model (Metro 2033 helmet)

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    Hi everybody,

    Im asking for help because i just uploaded an .OBJ model, that is supposed to be a helmet (like a motorbike helmet) but i noticed that its only 0,3 cm3.

    I tried to scale it and reupload, but im a noob in 3d modeling and i dont know how to do it.

    This is the model: (with a nightvision attachment; if you think its better to print them separately, here is another model without it )

    I cant tell you the exact measures, but it should be about 25(high) x 25(wide) x 30 (large), i guess (again, it should be like a motorbike helmet)

    This is the model that i uploaded 7b2325cfa0 , and as you can see, its not big enought. So, if you think you can help me, you can answer right here, or also send me an email to or

    I'll be really greatefull

    PD: The model is a gasmask / helmet from a game called "metro 2033", i hardly reccomend everybody to play it, and also to read the novel its based in.

    PD: Forgive my english, please.
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