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Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by Bunrattypark, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Bunrattypark
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    Hi, I've uploaded many models to Shapeways created using Google SketchUp, and they worked fine.

    Now I have started a new one, and have wasted an entire day trying to get the scale to upload correctly, and it refuses.

    The object is a test item, size 12.5mm x 3mm x 3mm. I have selected mm as the unit in SketchUp, and mm on the Shapeways Upload page. The file is rejected as too large, giving a size of 12500000mm x 300000mm x 300000mm! That is over twelve KILOMETRES long!!!

    I have tried everything I can to rescale it, and keep getting the same error email. What is going wrong? Can anyone help, please? The file is an X3D, for a colour print, where all previous uploads were STLs.
  2. DOC2
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    I can't help ypou but I am having exactly the same problem. Also too often components are shifted from their place when uploading.
    Would be good to get some input here.

    Thank you.