Scale-sized HO switchstand

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    This is my first part printed in FUD - the resolution of this material is freaking amazing!

    CN switchstand HO assembled quarter SM.jpg

    The top and handle were designed to rotate 90 degrees; a 0.96mm diameter keyed shaft slides into a 1.02mm diameter hole in the base. I didn't clean out the hole in the base before I inserted the top shaft; it fits perfectly and rotates freely as designed with only 0.03mm clearance on all sides.

    The mast is 0.015" wire; finished height is 21mm. For reference that handle is 0.6mm square.

    It's pretty robust for such a small part; the top has been rotated about 400 times with no damage

    The only problem was the mounting lugs on the bottom of the base and the cranks that are supposed to hook the stand to the turnout were deformed when the part was scraped off the table. It looks like the part hadn't fully cured when it was removed and the scraper shifted the layers of FUD sideways like a deck of cards. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

    CN switchstand HO Back End combo.jpg

    I'm going to add some material to protect the bottom of the parts from the scraper then it should be ready for dealers.
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    Here's a better closeup shot :
    CN switchstand painted penny_0013SM.jpg
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    Here is an airbrushed switchstand with crank linkage placed on an Atlas turnout
    CN Switchstand on Atlas 506combo_0097-0100.jpg
    The lettering on top of the table is almost legible; the word 'RACOR' was printed in 0.4mm tall letters and raised 0.06mm from the table surface. The silver switch lock printed perfectly!
    CN Switchstand on Atlas 506combo_0104.jpg
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    The last batch of prints included switchlamps as well as an S scale version of the switchstand.

    CN Switchstand S and HO Lanterns Painted.jpg
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