Sandstone seamless assembly?

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by cloaca, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. cloaca
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    Hey, i'm going to assemble a large part from several smaller Sandstone parts., I want the seams to be invisible.

    I was thinking of emulating the printed matter by mixing some glue and sandstone dust and applying that to the seams.. Anyone have pointers or tips based on personal experience?
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  2. aeron203
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    I think you will be better off leaving the seams plain. As long as the edges are flush and not chipped, it should be fairly discrete. The reason a post-application won't work is that the seam will become saturated, so it will become glossy. It will also protrude, and if you try to sand it, it will turn a dusty white. Put a gel-type super glue on the inside of the seams, far back enough that it will not squeeze out, then gently clamp the two halves (with a rubber band, for example) and place the model, seam downward, on a flat surface so the edges will be flush.

  3. cloaca
    cloaca New Member
    alright, good tips, thanks!