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Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by arklan, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. arklan
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    my first shapeways print FINALLY arrived! (bloody weekends...)

    it's a "Cryptex", a puzzle box talked about in the Da Vinco Code book/film. this was both a minor refresher on modeling for me, and a test of the material as well. i had no idea if it would REALLY work, printing it preassembled like it is. but it does! excellently.

    of course, it's a bit looser then would be ideal, but the spacing was nessecary for printing. what ya think guys?


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  2. Innovo
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    Very nice! I am actually working on a Cryptex-like artifact myself.
    I can't believe you risked printing it preassembled. Wouldn't it be better to print unassembled (for better results)? Also isn't the sandstone material kind of sensitive/easy to break? Have you noticed deterioration with use?

  3. arklan
    arklan New Member
    i'm sure if i were to drop it on a hard surface from suffcient height - say waist high onto concrete - there would be a problem. but when the high end of the "strong" scale is steel, there's alot of room from there to "delicate", if you follow me.

    the problem with printing it unassembled is i'd have to glue a piece in place to hold the "code rings" on and make the whole thing work. that would mean buyers would have to do that as well, and i wanted to keep it as trouble free as i could; as we all know a customer could easily glue something wrong and ruin their model.

    of course, had i realized the spacing for preassembled would leave as much wiggle room as it does, i would absolutely have done it differently. in point of fact, i may well change it now because of that.

    deterioration wise: there's definitely some "grinding" going on ofthe surfaces which are in contact, but i don't think this would prove significant without ALOT of use. as for the printed lettering and colors, no, no problems at all. from the sample kit i ordered from shapeways, i learned that the sandstone coloring actually goes a few milimeters below the surface (discovered when i was trying to snap the sandstone sample, which took some decent effort.) so even with massive wear from use, the coloring would remain intact.