Sales Way Down Since New Website Rollout.

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  1. crashtestdummy
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    Sounds like they are looking to clear some stuff up before the price hikes on the 22nd, maybe so they can tell themselves the drop next month isn't so bad even after transferring volume over to next month from 3 days this month. I suspect there is other folks who are like me, making our final orders for awhile until the dust settles in a few months and can reevaluate all their options.
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    Someone here at work asked me about 3D printed items last week and I told them to browse to I expected there to be an obvious link to the items for sale - not everyone wants to print their own stuff - but the whole front page is about joining up and printing your own designs. I could not work out how to get to the Marketplace. In the end we realised that searching for something on the top page would search for the word in the marketplace and I now realise that there is a link right at the bottom of the front page. Other than that there is nothing guiding customers who land on the front page as to where to buy other peoples items.
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    My sales vary greatly (monthly $$ on the last 3 years is "average +/-50%"), and I've never found any relevant pattern (month-wise).

    What I can tell is that they went down since march 2018. So it doesn't seem to be directly related to the new website rollout.

    Something of note is that it's been 8 months that they're below average, which never happened before. Barring the first year (mid2014 to mid2015) when I had very few models "public/for sale" (but the sales trend was up).

    A significant factor can be that I added very few much "new stuff" since 1.5 years, compared to previously (due to real life etc :))

    So I cannot really draw a conclusion at this moment :).
  4. crashtestdummy
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    Looking at this chart it would seem around May is when SHAPEways Started to see a drop off in visits a trend that continued until August but has leveled out. Looking back that far, May 15th was bloody Tuesday at SHAPEways where they blindsided everyone with dropping much of the portfolio and renaming the rest.
    With 10 weeks to Christmas this dosen't seem to bode well for holiday sales.

  5. gordonlardi
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    they really took a company that had some soul and sucked it right out. I used to look forward to new postings on this site, now it is as generic as possible. Whom ever came up with this strategy must know by now how badly it is performing. By raising your prices you may make a quick buck, but you will also scare people away because lets be honest 3d printing is a novelty and still the most expensive way to manufacture a product for resale. When Shapeways had a more personal feel, people felt like they were part of a community of like minded individuals sharing thier common interests. That feeling has been hijacked and I dont think Shapeways can compete with traditional manufacturing methods without offering something more.
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  6. railNscale
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    This is interesting stuff.
    SW will probably never show figures about their sales. But you can get a hint of the sales if you are looking at the order numbers of your (customer) orders. If you put the order number against the date, you can calculate how many orders SW has per day.

    In the graph below you see the Order# on the Y-axis and the corresponding date (dd-mm-yy) on the X-axis, based on our personal orders (every so many weeks we ordered models).
    As you can see there is a remarkable sharp kink in the rake of the graph. Somewhere in August 2018 the amount of orders/day declined significantly.
    Around August 6th 2018 Shapeways decided to hide their marketplace button! Meanwhile new shop owners have experienced unfavorable prices. Both will not do good to sales.
    Many shop owners have experienced a decline in sales relative to the previous period. Ofcourse the amount of orders is not exactly the same as the amount of sales, but there is of course a strong relation between the two.

    I think the signs are clear that SW is not doing a good job in maintaining the marketplace.
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  7. adbinc
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    Absolutely fascinating data. And worrisome as well. :(
  8. railNscale
    railNscale Well-Known Member
    This time I would like to show another graph. This time the graph is based on our sales instead of our orders (retrieved from the csv-doc). As we sell a lot more (basically we sell amost every day items) than we order ourselves this graph is more precise than the previous graph.
    The results are dramatically clear. The kink in the graph corresponds to the date 5 - 6 August!

    This is exactly the date where SW changed their website and hid the Marketplace.
    Check your sales csv and you will find exactly the same data.

    Now everybody can draw his or here conclusions.
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  9. adbinc
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    I will, but it will have to be after October 22. Right now I'm swamped trying to get minis up for release on the 20th. Maybe we can minimize the impact on our customers' holiday shopping as we are focusing on the smaller ships.
  10. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    It looks like they are clearing the deck for the new pricing/shipping. Two-thirds of my pending sales have been printed in two days! Nothing is outstanding that was ordered over seven days ago.
  11. FerretDesigns
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    I've been buying things for my Etsy store (one order every day or two) and they are taking the normal amount of time, if not a little longer than normal.
  12. rolsen01
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    Still doing about the same as I have for the past 2 years.. upload_2018-10-20_10-15-7.png
  13. adbinc
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    Well, we released 64 new items today. Fingers crossed that the sales will be good. :)
  14. Ngineer
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    @railNscale Excellent Idea! I did the same as you, and the kink in the graph is visble at the exact same time as in your graph, but that's no surprise since all we did was take the systemwide order numbers. But in the months since April I see a steeper curve than before, so I'm not exactly sure if this method is scientifically sound. There are two distinct upward kinks around April 28th and July 4th with a straight line after that (so not momentary increases like the small humps every early december). The latest line, since early August has about the same angle as the line mid 2017.
    20181021 ordernr graph alltime.JPG
  15. IntelXeon
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    tell me your secret? :D
  16. rolsen01
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    My sales are seasonal, more in the winter than summer, as that appears when most are hobbying small models, The red circle is Aug 5-11th, and I saw no difference in traffic. The order numbers probably dropped off because new folks could not find the marketplace, but my customers don't use the front page, the use the link I have directly to the store. upload_2018-10-21_10-44-37.png
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  17. adbinc
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    We are experiencing a large bump. I suspect folks are buying before new shipping prices and slower production rates kick in.
  18. railNscale
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    Hello Erik,

    Before the kink of 5 August, order numbers increased more than usually. I can trace down order number since we started in 2013. In the past years the amount of sales/day (or at least order numbers/day) increased year by year. There are some smaller time intervals were sales went up more than usual, but the trend overall trend showed an increase of orders per year. In the past 5 years we never experienced a downward kink as last August 5th!

    Therefore I think the effect of changing the layout of the website (hiding the market place market place) and maybe the price changes that smaller/newer shops have been seeing for some time, and the deletion of many materials resulted in significantly fewer sales.

    We have seen a drop in sales in a period were usually sales would increase again. Also it is noteworthy that we see sales that come in like batches. Some days we sell zero items. Other days we have a lot of sales. It is a bit like a bumpy road.

    Hello Ron,

    You have impressive sales! But you mentioned that you would experience a similar sales trend as we have (winter time more sales than summer). Looking at your figures, also your shop shows less sales than you would expecxt based on the sales before the summer holiday period.

    Best regards,
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  19. diStefan
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    Hi Steve,

    I got same situation sales are down doubled in my shop! What's going on!
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  20. kaadesign
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    " He's dead Jim!"

    Here my stagnating sales figures, - despite additional articles.
    The result is interesting because I don't advertise on external sites.
    So the sales figures are virtually unadulterated as a result of the new Shapeways presence and the Shapeways marketing measures.

    --> No Payment since August!:

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