Sales Way Down Since New Website Rollout.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Model_Monkey, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. Model_Monkey
    Model_Monkey Well-Known Member
    Sales in my shop are down considerably this month, I mean a lot. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  2. FerretDesigns
    FerretDesigns Well-Known Member
    I get maybe 6 sales a year soooo....
    But I've heard people one FB saying similar to you.
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  3. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    Looking back at the 25th over the last 12 months.

    We only had higher numbers of "ships in the kitty" (the ordered and shipped numbers combined) during 5/2018 and 3/2018. That is all. My figures go back to 8/25/2017. Take into consideration that we add at least 50 files a month and last month was a "mad month" with 100+ files added.

    So our sales have not been negatively impacted. But we show the ships off on the corporate page on FB and our fans have a fansite to show off their work.
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  4. MrNibbles
    MrNibbles Well-Known Member
    It's difficult to see trends. I'd say my history is choppy, even with cheaper products having smaller markups. I'm presently sitting at a whopping 4 sales for this year. There was a bright ray of hope that appeared over the horizon when CustomMaker was introduced with multiple print sales per customer imprinting corporate or band logos. In comparison I've had more financial benefit from buying 10 shares of Netflix within the last week or so. :D But then again this is just a hobby. A very, very painful hobby.

    sales history.jpg
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  5. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    I suspect we are atypical. We've not yet had a month without at least having enough sales to be paid by Shapeways. Sorry, I hoped our data would be useful.
  6. railNscale
    railNscale Well-Known Member
    We are also seeing less sales compared to previous years.
    In the summer period we usually have a dip in our sales. Many rail road hobbyist are less active with their hobby in this time, and we had a very warm summer, which may not be very helpful to our sales.
    This may explain the extra dip. Shapeways stopped their actions, which may not help either. Usually you want to start the new season with some sort of action to boost sales. We happen to celebrate our shop anniversary in mid August:

    Shapeways mentions it sort of does not make money at all with the market place. That's what the CEO tried to tell us in so many words. That's why they have stopped their action. That's understandable.

    What isn't understandable is the flip-flop nature of Shapeways. Just one year ago SW started to reorganize the Marketplace using categories. This was quite a lot of work to get all 1000+ items in the proper category, but at least it was for a good reason. The market place looked a lot better. And now? SW thinks their market place is worth anything and decided to hide it from the main page (shoveling it down = hiding). The excuse is something about traffic.

    So what happened to this big market place? SW claims it has 45,000+ stores. These stores are ran by shop-owners who have to rearrange their shops yearly because of material repricing, stopping of materials, website reorganizations and, etc. Shopowners who have been experimenting new materials at their own costs.
    Quality improvements are little. Rejections still survive. The user interface get worse per update. Clearly SW never asks the designers what is best.

    SW is right that their market place isn't wonderful and that other websites offer better functionalities. Arranging shops is not easy given the archaic tools like csv. SW failes to introduce multiple languages. All things that were addressed many years by shop owners. SW still doesn't offer the possibility for shop owners to introduce smart discount offers. It was all mentioned by SW, but never materialised.

    Now the CEO talks about API integration with Shopify etc. But again, no words HOW this can be arranged.

    maybe best is to just put the SELL/marketplace butten very dominantly on top of Shapeways' website. I assume SW is still getting way more visitors on their website than any of us shop-owners.
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  7. Model_Monkey
    Model_Monkey Well-Known Member
    Not sure what to think about the sudden drop in sales. Typically, my shop receives between 350 and 450 sales per month, with May being seasonally the slow month. This month I'm projecting only about 260 or so and printing appears slowed, too. That sales figure is deeply concerning.

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  8. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    I don't know what to tell you. Our sales are typically a bit lower than yours, but are up for this point in the month. I've got a good mix of new releases and older minis in the "unpaid" section. I am seeing some new customers. My guess (and hope for you) is that this is a blip.
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  9. Model_Monkey
    Model_Monkey Well-Known Member
    Payday today. This month was the worst sales month in a year. I just suffered a 35% drop in sales this month compared to the monthly average for the last year. I don't know why there were so few sales this month.

    A 35% drop just about puts me out of business.
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  10. railNscale
    railNscale Well-Known Member
    Well, let's check what happened here...
    Indeed, this month was the worst sales month in a year (actually least scoring month in one and a half year). We experienced less sales in September 2018 and than the previous four years' September sales.
    It is notable that the typical raise in sales after the summer period did not happen so far.
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  11. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    :( I am so sorry for that. Did calling the month early affect you some?

    My sales figures show we had an above average month, even folding our first month of business into the total for the next month. It is higher than September, 2017 as well.

    I hope things improve for you.

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  12. fb11460
    fb11460 Member
    As a buyer, not a seller, I've been wondering about this. Since it's not been easy to find a combined feed of people I follow, I haven't been seeing their new projects which has caused me to shop less. In fact I only saw this post because I was looking for a way to find the old style feed of who I subscribe to. I was more prone to impulse buys and adding to my wishlist when I could do that.

    Because of this lack of feature or lack of finding that feature in the new website design, I would recommend using other ways to reach customers, via facebook, instagram, or other social media or websites to reach customers so they can easily check what's new that you make. Not having that "my feed" option anymore, or at least not an easy way to find it, has made it more difficult on impulse buys entirely, or seeing new work people may want to purchase unless they check your shop directly really often, which if you subscribe to several shops like nearly all of us do, makes it really annoying to do that.
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  13. Model_Monkey
    Model_Monkey Well-Known Member
    Thanks for the empathy and encouragement! Am exploring new ways to reach customers.

    Calling the month early does have an impact but normally pretty small (just irritating).

    Interestingly, I never receive notifications for shops I follow. I must have a setting incorrectly set somewhere.

    I like the combined feed idea a lot. For example, a buyer could sign up for new product announcements for "sci fi ships" or "fantasy figures", "necklaces", "game pieces", etc.. Designs for all shop owners who tag his or her design to the "common feed tag" would appear in a common feed announcement to buyers who opted to receive common feed announcements. Instead of following a specific shop, buyers can follow a category.

    Some modeling boards I advertise on do that. The member can choose to have announcements sent by email immediately, daily or weekly. Other sites just keep a running list of new products, like this one for model warships (click here). Maybe this is something SW could do (within reason).

    The huge drop in sales really hurt this month.
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  14. Daphne
    Daphne Well-Known Member
    Not to give all my sales data, but check out the view data of the last 1.5 years:


    Or on a larger scale, The last 5.5 years. The peak is when I did something with Pokemon Go phone cases.
  15. Ngineer
    Ngineer Well-Known Member
    @Daphne I don't see the same picture, I see a very even line in the visitors graphs across the past two years.
    @railNscale last months were average. The summer months are usually a bit quieter, but this year they were steady
    You're right. They started a "social" feature, and then they abandoned it. But it still exists:
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  16. IntelXeon
    IntelXeon Well-Known Member
    here is mine if you want to take a look at it
    only way i am increasing my sales is adding more usefull stuff to my shop
  17. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    This is where we stand. The number is where we were on the 26th of each month. It combines what I think of as "ordered" and "shipped."

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  18. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    So who knew that today is October 15? I honestly understand calling it early when the 15th is on a Saturday or Sunday. But on Monday? Unless it is in recognition of Global Handwashing Day ...
  19. IntelXeon
    IntelXeon Well-Known Member
    ya find it odd. was hoping for some extra products gets finished before the 15
  20. Model_Monkey
    Model_Monkey Well-Known Member
    Same here, nearly $230 in fees for unprinted products I'll wait another month to get paid for.

    SW printed $45 worth in fees today. I would like to receive that money on Monday, not next month.