Sales Drop Off

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nickola, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Nickola
    Nickola Well-Known Member
    I have noticed the last few months that my sales here and on my Etsy Shop have reached almost to zero. I can't explain it :confused:

    Does anyone expierenced the same issue?
  2. darkedgeunl
    darkedgeunl Well-Known Member
    I've experienced low-zero sales. I have noticed that the marketplace featured shops never change. With over a hundred designs up, personally the only way to make sales is not through Shapeways, it's through direct sales in person. Meh.
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  3. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Well-Known Member
    I know my sales on Amazon have been stagnant...
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  4. Ontogenie
    Ontogenie Well-Known Member
    My Shapeways sales have been slow, Shopify site a little better, at Etsy they're trickling in a little faster. Sales are always pretty slow this time of year, but the U.S. is my biggest market and consumers are skittish in the Trump era. Anything could happen. Better to save for a rainy day than buy an expensive piece of scientific jewelry. :(
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  5. DoctorOctoroc
    DoctorOctoroc Well-Known Member
    I've found that the majority of my sales each month come from only a few customers buying multiple products, so in my case, it would be the result of just one or two of them not buying anything that month. My sales ranges vary greatly from month to month but I also have a few regulars for whom I'm constantly scaling models up/down, creating variations of existing models, or prioritizing models already in the works. Here and there I also create products solely upon customer request if I think they'll sell to others as well.

    But I haven't noticed an 'overall' drop in sales myself. If anything, I sell more than I used to, but that's because I add a new product at a pace of about 1 per day and focus on creating new products only in the categories that tend to sell well to begin with. I also have nearly 600 products across 9 relatively distinct categories so I cover a lot of bases and tend to attract a variety of customers with different interests.