Safety of the 3D image viewer

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by justinhowlett, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. justinhowlett
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    Hi Shapeways I have a quick question that I wasn't able to find on online and might be something others are interested in:

    How safe is the Shapeways 3D image viewer, is it possible that people could just download the model from the viewer without permission?

    I am interested in this because I might start using this feature when showing my clients their models before they purchase but I would obviously like some reassurance that my work is safe, or at least very difficult to obtain without permission.

    Any info about this subject and the safety of the 3D image viewer would be appreciated.

  2. stop4stuff
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    The 3D viewer doesn't contain any model geometry, it is simply a 3D render viewer that shows auto-generated images of a model as an animation sequence.

  3. justinhowlett
    justinhowlett Member
    Ah of course I have been looking for one like that I can use on my website but so far I have only came across ones that use the .OBJ thus sending the model to the client.
  4. stannum
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    You are looking for 3dnp. Or, if not using Blender, some tool to render the required images and then reuse the web part.
  5. justinhowlett
    justinhowlett Member
    Yes that's precisely what i need many thanks your a hero:D