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  1. Aholesen
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    Hello Shapeways,

    I really love the 3D-printing services you provide. It has made me think about design and tinkering in a whole different way.

    As an Industrial Designer, I also use Shapeways for business related jobs but some of my clients are complaining that production time is too long.

    For example I am designing a hinge that needs to be finished for a presentation in two weeks. I may just barely make it in time and I had to choose the WSF option instead of the intended steel version. Bummer.

    I would really like some sort of rush service available. If I could at a premium (example: +50% startup fee) and have it printed ASAP (example: 3 business days) it would be awesome.

    I don't know how your logistics work but it should be possible to do so and you could make more money/make more people happy.
  2. denali3ddesign
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    That would be nice, but for now you'll likely need to use a different print service to get rush parts. Expect to pay 2-10 times the amount that Shapeways charges though! If time is that important to your clients, its nice to have that option and they'll pay the premium.

  3. Aholesen
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    Do you have any examples of this or are you referring to more local consultants?

    Because yes, 10 * the amount would probably be a good expectation :(
  4. denali3ddesign
    denali3ddesign New Member
    Any of the services that will get you a part in 2-3 days are typically aimed at commercial costumers - vs. Shapeways who targets mainly consumers. They charge that much because they have professional engineers that help you thru the process and make the part for you.

    Here are some companies:
    Redeye on demand
    GPI Prototype

    To find more, you can Google "rapid prototype service".

  5. Malcr001
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  6. CactusBones
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    Could shapeways offer Rush Options for customers printing over a certain minimum- I have the need for printing over $1000 worth of materials at a time in some cases, but will have to turn to local fabrication companies because of the turn around times at shapeways. Would it be possible for shapeways to offer rush options for customers with really big orders? I need to establish a long term relationship with a fabricator as my business grows, and shapeways would be it, if it wasn't for the lead times.
  7. Youknowwho4eva
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    This is a work in progress. One key issue right now is capacity. As capacity is growing, rush orders will become strategically possible.
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