Rupee Soap Mould!

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  1. JentheGeek
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    It took a while for me to get them (had to get a friend in the states to buy them and then reship them to me in Canada via USPS) but I am so glad I jumped through the hoops to do so!

    Despite a humidex of 35 I turned on my double boiler to try them out!

    Freshly poured:


    And the moulds themselves:


    I had them printed using polished white strong and flexible. Unfortunately it's the outside that's polished, not the inside (which makes sense in retrospect) so these rupees have a bit of a grain to them. When I order more I may go with Fine Plastic Detail, or see if there's anyway to have the inside polished.

    But the shape is so perfect and the edges so crisp. I had tried to make my own by cutting a rupee from wood and making a mould of that, but it was always too rounded. I'm a perfectionist, so I wasn't content with these attempts.

    They do take a bit of wiggling to get out, but not much more than other plastic moulds. I imagine the grain gives the mould more grip. There's a few tricks I can do for that so it's not really an issue.

    I'll eventually have the soap up in my Etsy Shop, probably by early September. But I have Fan Expo in Toronto in a couple of weeks so I'm busy building up stock for there!

    In addition to more of the rupee moulds I'm planning on making some soap stamps, using the easy creator! I tried a couple of designs but I didn't read the specs closely enough so they had spots that were too thin. Now I know!

    I'll certainly be sharing this success with other soap makers, the possibilities are nearly endless!
  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    Takes me back to my gameboy days. Of course those Rupee's were grey... But nicely done! The polishing is done in a tumbler so the inside should get polished too, but the WSF will remain porous even with a nice polish. Perhaps a coat of primer or something to fill all the nooks and crannies and give a nice smooth finish? I don't know anything about making soap, so don't know how that would affect it.
  3. JentheGeek
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    Perhaps given the shape the inside gets less... tumblingness?... than the outside. There are things I can coat it with, but it's otherwise so perfect I don't want to risk ruining it. I did get two though, so I may experiment with one!
  4. Mezmera
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    Cool idea, and the result looks great!