Rubber Stamps?

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  1. My name is Wil Ooms, retired in Haaksbergen The Netherlands, spent many years in the hand stamp industry, introducing several manufacturing methods for both rubber and pre-inked stamps. I am wondering if there is a rubber type material, which can be printed with a 3D printer?

    I could provide the required stamp parameters.

    It would interest me to speak with someone who would want to look into producing a hand stamp.

    Thanks, Wil
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    Hi Wil,

    There are rubber printers, but currently shapeways doesn't have rubber. I don't know where it is on the list of potential to be added, but it has been mentioned before

  3. Thanks Mike, when you open the following link:
    you will see that Shapeways offers stamps, obviously they must have material to do so. SInce I am new to this 3D printing market the situation is not quite clear. Does Shapeway sell the printers, the materials and the finished product?

    Most likely I should try to contact Shapeways to find out.

    Best regards, Wil
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  5. That is very possible, even today stamps are often made with photopolymer with a photographic process. The rubber was before the polymer and came back into the industry by the use of laser engravers. A 3D printer would not necessarily need to use rubber. Any material being flexible with a decent capability to pick up / transfer ink could do the job.
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    hello everyone..
    I've also used stamps in decorating toys, cards and in designing purposes..
  7. Hi Adelle, question about the stamps you used: where they 3D printed stamps? Thanks, Wil Ooms
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    Depending upon the type of stamp you are trying to make.. one thing that might work well is to use Shapeways to print the negative MOLD for the stamp. I would imagine that the WSF or WD materials would survive several castings each.

    You might even try using Image Popper for this purpose.
  9. Making the master mold is an option, but it will be a long way around. In that case a laser engraver engraving directly on the rubber is much more effective. I had hoped that a 3D printer could print the rubbery type characters.
  10. It sounds like you are wanting to stamp with ink, which I have not tried. I can say I have made a stamp for pressing into clay. The WSF material works just fine for this. I assume that such stamps could also be used with ink, but I have not tried that. It might be worth a shot...WSF is pretty cheap.
  11. Indeed, a rubber stamp, to be used in combination with an ink pad or into what is called a self-inking stamp, which is a plastic housing in which the text plate (either rubber or photopolymer) reciprocates against the ink pad when it is being used. SInce I am new to this forum I am wondering what WSF means? Thanks!
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    WSF = White Strong Flexible
    See the Materials Page.. its a nylon material.
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