Routing Jigs and Templates

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by mooed, Aug 1, 2012.

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    I have a small woodworking shop and use a large number of jigs and templates that I currently make by hand. To try and save a bit of time I'm looking into whether 3d printing is a viable alternative for me and what would work.

    I thought I'd start with something which is I beleive would be straight forward, basically a ridgid template that I can use as a guide to trim the edges of a work piece to. By this I mean I run a bearing against the template, that bearing guides an incredibly sharp blade which cuts a replica of the template into the work piece. The template would need to be ridgid, but not to a great force (say pushing a tack into a noticeboard). Also it would probably not get continously used (depending on how cheap they are to print), I'd most likely use it the way I use my current ones, ie make some secondary templates to use in production (a slight error of judgement and the templates are damaged).

    If anyone would like further info please drop me you email. I've got some photos of the exist template/result I can send (to compare against the hand made one). I've also got some sketches than seem like the way forward to me, but open to improvements. If this works out I'd like look at developing a modular system than I can expand.

    Regards, Vic
  2. stop4stuff
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    Hi Vic,

    Sounds like an interesting project, although size might limit the choice of Shapeways materials available for the print. Send me an email to to dicuss further.

  3. denali3ddesign
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    Hi Vic,

    Like Paul says, 3D printing is going to get expensive or simply unable to make for anything large.

    A better option may be CNC routing which you can do at Ponoko or even a local makerspace if they're available in your area. If you're interested in CNC options, you may email me:
    marcus (at) denali3ddesign (dot) com