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  1. N8N1
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    Hello, I recently printed myself a necklace type medallion, but the back side of the emblem is rounded to a soft edge while the front is not. I printed this in the strong white and flexible as a prototype. But before I print my final (In Shiney Silver) I would like to take care of this problem. Any idea on how to specify which side should be considered the front so it can have smoother edges than the back?? If any question is needed feel free to look at my project in My Models.
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  2. Fredd
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    The model looked fine to me. Are you talking about the faceting along the edge of the 8?
  3. N8N1
    N8N1 New Member
    Yes, the model itself looks fine...but when the object was printed, on one of the sides, the edges of everything including the letters N and 8 are somewhat beveled to a round curve while the front remains sharp--or edgy.
  4. N8N1
    N8N1 New Member
    Does anyone understand my problem or know how to fix it???
  5. Youknowwho4eva
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    The silver uses a completely different printer and process. It uses a very high detail wax printer, then lost wax cast into silver. So any variations you see in your WSF print will likely not show up in your silver print. But, silver does have it's own variations. Especially if you order in polished, you will lose crispness.
  6. N8N1
    N8N1 New Member
    Alright, Thank you. I just wasn't quite sure if my product has a fault in it or not.
  7. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Without the file, I can't tell if your file is at fault.
  8. N8N1
    N8N1 New Member
    My file is in My Models if you would like to look at it. If not, I would be able to send you the file and you could look at it for me.