Rotating (interlocking) Keychain In One Piece.

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    I would like to thank everyone here as I learned alot just from reading the forum.
    I designed this piece and would like it to be produced in Polished Brass. It has a rotating center piece with an outer frame kinda like those rotating keychain. I would like to have it produced in one single piece and still able to rotate so that I need not have to manually assemble the two pieces.

    Is this possible to produce in Shapeways?

    I have uploaded a animated GIF photo and hope it is able to show up correctly.

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    See for some information about the possibilities and limitations. The "interlocking" metal print is still done by lost-wax casting exactly like the non-interlocking brass, just with the parts joined by a temporary bridge. I suspect this will not work to create the freely rotating axle in your model, certainly not with the ends sitting in a blind hole.