Rocketships and an Earth Defence Fighter

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  1. Gosric
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    Very pleased with these, the dreadnaught had to be remodelled due to (once again) gun barrel thickness but im happy with the detail on the revised version.
    It doesn't show as well as id like in the pics, (they havent been cleaned up or painted) but the 3/4 inch Rocket Fighters even have the recesses for the guns and the missiles on the 1 1/4 inch Cosmo hawk have fins. that took a bit of work *L*
    So- Zeus class Rocket Dreadnaught, Terran Federation Argo Rocket patrol ship, Perseus Fighter Bomber, harpy fighters and Earth Defence Fleet Cosmo Hawk.

    (Edited to show the War Rocket Achilles ad Goshawk Class Earth Fleet Destroyer that just arrived..not a great photo but it does sort of show how well the details came of on a 3 inch miniature)

    hopefully arriving in the next day or two more Earth Defence Ships and a revised Achilles War Rocket Cosmo Hawk, rocket fighter wing rocket patrol ship and rocket fighter bomber.jpg zeus class rocket dreadnaught.jpg War Rocket Achilles and Goshawk Earth Fleet Destroyer.jpg
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  2. Nane
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    Printed in WSF I'm guessing? Looks good, the fighter looks very "Buck Rogers" which I dig.

    Is this for a home made game you play or is it something made to substitute for a game already out there? Not many starship games in the miniature industry.
  3. Gosric
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    Yep, WSF, needs a little smoothing but the material is sturdy enough to handle it
    They are for a space combat game and Roleplaying system that a friend (Goji of Starcorp shipyards on here) and i have, Which is golden age sci-fi so yes, definitely Buck Rogers in tone *L*. But i think a couple of people have used them for' War Rocket'. The Cosmo Hawk is for a Space Cruisr Yamato inspired game that we have (as,obviously enough *L*, are the other ships i posted here a bit ago.)