Robotic Animals and Deceptive Boxes

Discussion in 'Feature this!' started by Cradders, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Cradders
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    The 'Blitz Panther', a cat robot that was featured in the February 2010 Shapeways newsletter is now one of a collection! Now available are:

    The 'Wolverex', a wolverine-type robot and the Blitz Panther's biggest rival:
    [​IMG] ex_.html?gid=sg29760

    The monstrous alligator-type robot, 'Protogator':
    [​IMG] ogator_.html?gid=sg29760

    And the stealthy swallow-type robot, 'Demonwing':
    [​IMG] nwing_.html?gid=sg29760

    And for those of you with no interest in robot statues, also available is the brand new 'Eyebox'. An unusual container for jewellery, keys, coins or stuff that with a quick twist will open in a most unexpected and pleasing way.
    [​IMG] 0

    A mini version is also available:
    [​IMG] g29760

    Find all these products and more at my re-launched shop, 'Cradder's Misc.'
  2. ana_xyz
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    These are incredibly cool!

    I was wondering how smoothly the eyebox cases open and close though, since I imagine SF might cause some friction.

  3. Cradders
    Cradders New Member
    Thanks! I've built the larger Eyebox a couple of times now and it runs quite smoothly once it has been cleaned out. It 'sounds' a bit rough, but the movement is smooth enough. It's visually interesting whether you choose to open the box quickly or slowly - when slowly opened, you can see the lashes sliding over each other, when quickly it's almost instant. You hear a 'snapping' sound as you open it quickly which is quite pleasing!