Robot Trooper

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  1. rbot
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    So I was planning on posting this when it was finished, but with work and the time involved it would probably be another month before I could post a finished pic.
    The model arrived on the 15th of July and I was extremely happy with it, thanks again Shapeways! I've been trying to finish it out in my spare time, the plan is to make a mold and do some resin castings once the finishing work is done. I wanted it to be a poseable figure, but this version will be best suited as a model kit, since some of the joints are too loose and some pieces broke because they were way too small (the wrist pegs), but no big deal, that was easily fixed with some styrene tubing.
    I was planning on setting up a shop and trying to sell this, but this version is not buyer friendly as is, even if you are a kit builder there is way too much finishing work in my opinion.
    Will post an update once it's finished. Robot_Trooper_Progress01.jpg

    Update, finished pic.
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  2. Whystler
    Whystler New Member
    The design is quite beautiful.

  3. tree
    tree New Member
    love it!

    do the fingers move?

    keep shiney
  4. tedparsec
    tedparsec New Member
    Really great design !
    ( and the white/gray color sheme is just fine.)
  5. rbot
    rbot New Member
    Thanks everyone for your comments, much appreciated.

    Whystler, I hope it stays beautiful once I paint it.

    tree, no the fingers don't move, but that is something that might work on a larger one.

    tedparsec, I'm currently giving it the primer coat to smooth out the surface defects and will give it a proper paint job once that is done.

    The paint scheme if anyone was wondering will be based off a city cop or state trooper car. Blue and white or black and white, with the two protrusions on the top of the head being the red and blue lights.
    Robot "Police" Trooper was the original idea, just never put that in the description.
  6. MaxSMoke777
    MaxSMoke777 New Member
    That is pretty awesome!

    Don't forget to add alot of wear and tear to the paint job. A little silver on the sharp edges, where the paint wears off first. Black paint in every dirty, oily crevice. Some silver scratches and shaded dents, where evil-doers have left their mark. How about paint in some burn marks and subtle bullet dents? And don't forget the ID numbers, rank, and badge detail. Every government robot would be full of information stenciled all over it's body. You know those government types!

  7. rbot
    rbot New Member
    Thanks MaxSMoke777, I plan to do everything you mentioned, no robot is complete without those qualities. I was kicking around the idea of doing two in a scene together, one with all the battle marks and one fresh off the assembly line, kinda a veteran and rookie partner scenario.
  8. Galbot
    Galbot New Member
    My husband has over 3000 robots in his collection so I've developed an eye for "cool" robots. This is a refreshing, original design. Good to see.
  9. rbot
    rbot New Member
    Thanks Galbot,
    That means a lot coming from someone whose seen a ton of robots... over 3000 that's awesome!
  10. Whystler
    Whystler New Member
    I love it!!!

  11. Galbot
    Galbot New Member
    Transformers, diaclones, shogun warriors, popy, and other japanese 70s super robots festoon our house. I personally collect Hasbro Mighty Muggs and other urban vinyl. We have pics up on the net if you ever want a look just PM me.

    Your model isn't really our scene but I can tell you it sure is a hell of a lot of other peoples. You know I've seen transformers "garage" kits like this that sold like wildfire that were made the same way but they were bulkier and less insectlike. In fact there is one circulating right now as a super-limited-run that will probably sell for about $US350 in about 2 years at about 10cm.

    You've got the skills, keep working on it.
  12. TreadshotA1
    TreadshotA1 New Member
    On the topic of Transformers, one of the reasons that i wanted to get one printed myself was because i think it would make a great Animated Kickback Transformer, with some modifications and a lick of paint. Hence i agree with Galbot that it is insect-like, and a very good insect at that.

    I can also say i have seen many garage kits like this for transformers as well.

    I really like it.
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  13. chd
    chd New Member
    I want one! or a Legion!
  14. tadao2289
    tadao2289 New Member
    great work! what material did you use??
  15. This is absolutely stunning work; the level of detail and articulation you've included is incredible! I'm also a robot nut (definitely over 1000 Transformers, though I stopped counting years ago - they're all over the house :p).

    I definitely think you should tweak your model and make it available as a kit; once you've figured out what extra post-processing work you're having to do, you should be able to tweak the model to fix any problems you've had (that's what I'm doing with mine; 2nd gen prints should be pretty much perfect).
    What material(s) did you print it in?

  16. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Gorgeous paint job and nicely put together. What was this modelled in?

  17. chaitanyak
    chaitanyak New Member
    its quite stunning as is!
    can you post pics of the thigh socket assembly?
    am working on a posable creature model myself, so have been looking at what others have accomplished in terms of ball and socket joints
  18. GameToys
    GameToys New Member
    Superb! Really awesome to see. If I may ask - what was the rough budget for getting this printed?

    Also - if anyone wants to share pics of their Transformers collections, I'd love to see them. =)
  19. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    :eek: WOW !

    That is so amazing! Fantastic model and good paint job!
    (although the original colors have their own charm!)

    This I really like ! :cool: