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    Just got a prototype of my ring design today in steel. Its come out nicely :) I have a few questions:-

    1. These rings are for a gaming community. Each of us will want to order a ring in our size. What is the workflow to setup ring sizes? Do I have to do this manually? ie create each 3d model to the correct ring size (allowing for shrinkage) and then post them up individually? Is there any level of automation (like a drop down menu for sizes, or an auto script sizer (after all we are talking about a simple diameter measurement)

    2. These rings are not for sale to the general public - but are for iour online gaming crew only - in light of the above questions - how do I make my design available to only people in my crew?

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    1. Yes you will need to make each size, unles you're handy enough with scripting that you can write up some code to plug intp Shapeways API
    2. On the model edit page, set 'Offer for sale to others', update then exit the edit page. On the model page, copy the short URL and pass that link on - only people with the URL will be able to visit the model.

  3. VeeeGeeee
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    Thanks for your insights and help. So is it possible to collect together all of the rings sizes and offer them via a drop down menu?

    also, I wonder if anyone has made a standard ring size set of primitives that we can download - so as to easily scale our models to. (ie. internal ring diameter) Such a model set could incorporate approx shrink values for silver/metals.

    Shapeways team? The above seems like a good idea to you? It would save your customers repeating the same time consuming activities repeatedly and help us makers concentrate on getting creative!


  4. VeeeGeeee
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    Here's an obj file with nested spheres in US ring sizes. This file is produced in maya and exported to obj. Anyone is free to use this -but someone might want to confirm my maths, just to double check.

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