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  1. ROOKA
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    Hi ,
    I am quite new to jewelry design but I have created a few rings and pendants and I would like to turn one my rings into a bracelet and I would appreciate any heads up for mistakes I might making when converting the ring into a bracelet .
    this is the ring and you may check out its 360 preview here 1.jpg
    the ring is hollowed out but of course the thickness is appropriate for a small print as in the case of rings, I do think that I may have to remake the hollowing of this piece in order to have a cheaper print and reduce weight, but i would like to ask some more experienced artisans if there are any other things I have to take care when stating this project in order to have a good quality product,
    PS also any critique/idea is welcomed
  2. katkinkead
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    hey there! are you editing a 3D model file, or an STL file? I always recommend doing such big changes from scratch, but if you're set on converting ring -> bracelet, I would consider doing a cage edit and enhancing the size significantly. I would also squash it a bit - unless you are going for a bangle bracelet (entirely circular), which need to be quite large to fit your hand through.

    Instead, I would model it to an oval shape, with an opening at the bottom so you can slip your wrist through. There are a number of sizes, you can do a quick google search to get the average bracelet size.

    Let me know how it turns out and how you end up doing it! hope this helps.
  3. ROOKA
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    hi katkinkead and thank you for you hep , I can edit it from the get go but i would prefer to use the model I have already done scaling it is quite easy maybe the squashing part would be a little bit tricky but it might work , I appreciate the idea of splinting the lower end but it cut too deep in my concept so I must find a way around it , I hope to have it ready as soon as possible maybe with a little luck have it printed with the batch i have prepared already....