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    I am looking for a simple 2X2 Lego Plate Ring to be made out of stainless steel. I have searched the internet and found several similar designs but none that meet all my requirements. The Brick Ring by Covo is very close and I went to that designer first for this project but he declined.

    The ring: 4 pegs in 2x2 formation of the same size as Lego. The 2x2 plate would be attached to a smooth band. Corners where the top plate of the 2x2 plate are fine. I am planning on wearing this as a wedding band for quite some time. I have sensitive skin and can only use stainless steel or a similar hard metal. I would be willing to work with a designer to meet fabrication requirements (as I am aware there are some minimum thickness requirements via shapeways). More details and a final draft can be worked out between myself and a chosen designer.

    If you are interested please send me an estimate for your design services and we can arrange payment for your designing work. I just need someone to design this ring, and it can be manufactured by shapeways to my understanding. I will also provide a ring size when I actually know it.

    Time- This project does not have to be completed for quite some time, so there is no time crunch.

    Any questions or if you are interested in this project as a 3D Designer feel free to contact me via PM, in this thread, or via e-mail at: rulksmash@gmail.com

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    I sent you a PM. I can start to work on this straight away.

    all the best!
  3. Please note that the sintered stainless offered by Shapeways contains approximately 40% bronze as filler between the stainless microspheres. You may wish to either select the gold plate variants or have the piece plated elsewhere with a non-irritating material.
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    Thank you for the info regarding stainless steel and sensitive skin. I am somewhat lost when it comes to all of this, so any and all help is appreciated. I will consider the plated options for now. What kinds of places would I search for that have the capability to plate a piece? (I can look for them specifically, but I don't know who could do such a thing)

    Thank you to the designers replying so quickly, it is very exciting to see!