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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by Wildsketch, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Wildsketch
    Wildsketch New Member

    Could you make it so that when you get the full size image when you click on the thumbnail in a gallery you can easily right-click on that image to save it? Breaking this web convention and the workarounds I have to use to save the image otherwise is very annoying.
  2. WetMorgoth
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    If you are using firefox, you can override website functionality to do this. It is a javascript thing, so if you go to Tools -> Options -> Content and click on the Advanced button on Javascript, you will see a checkbox there for "Disable or replace context menus". Make sure that is unchecked and you'll be free of websites doing annoying things like that.
  3. Wildsketch
    Wildsketch New Member
    Thank you. I did not realize I could do that. But really I only mentioned it in the forum because I thought it was the kind of web usability thing you would want to hear about during the period where you considered this website as a beta.


    No. That won't fix it. the box was already unchecked. Somehow the context menu doesn't recognize that I'm hovering over a picture when that little frame comes up.
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  4. robert
    robert New Member

    It works fine on my computer (Linux, Firefox 2).

    What is your setup?

    It is not a conscience decision by us to disable saving of the fullsize pictures.

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  5. Dalhimar
    Dalhimar New Member
    I am using Firefox 3, with almost all settings the same as the time of install and it works perfectly fine for me.
    Vista ultimate, firefox 3.
  6. Wildsketch
    Wildsketch New Member
    Hmm, I'm using XP pro, Firefox I guess I need to update my browser.