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  1. svenpb
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    Although the problems can be fixed, I wonder what they are. I get STL related errors at other sites as well.

    I export with Rhino v2 and I can view the files in other programs without problem. Why aren't they usable by the printer by default?

    An other question: is it possible to zoom in the 3D tool on this site?


    from other thread:

    [list type=square]
    [*]Tips for Users of RhinocerosĀ® for Creating Models for 3D Printing
    [*]Rhino With Prototyping - Tips, tricks and advice for rapid prototyping and producing small series

    So far, I've tried weld, but that does not make a difference as the STL is exactly the same
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  2. Sovereign
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    I only had a problem with Rhino to STL because the model was too big, as STL is interpreted in meters (which meant my model was tens of meters long). When you create a new model, choose "Millimeters" for your scale and then Scale 3D typing .01 at the prompt. Then export.
  3. svenpb
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    True. But There was a mail telling me that they've made it "printable". I wonder what they have done.

    I think you mean 0.001
  4. dymihail
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    Done that, still doesn't work. I'm using Rhino v4 and so far Shapeways is the only bureau that has problems with the files.
  5. dgennetten
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    I'm brand new to Shapeways. Long a fan of Rhino (since version 1) I am very curious to know how this turns out.