Revert to a previous version of the model ?

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  1. Onyriade
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    Hi !

    I recently sent a model for printing in various materials. The first of them (in raw bronze) was sent for printing without any issue. Then I received a message stating that the model would be too thin for the other materials (strong & flexible) and therefore, I had to update the model to make it a little bit thicker, which I did.

    I know received the (awesome) bronze version by UPS and want to make it available to others. The problem is that the original model has now been replaced by the thicker one (for plastic printing) and therefore, the price went up quite a bit.

    My question is : Is it possible to select a previous version of the model, as seen in the "history" tab of the model ?

    I have kept the previous version on my computer, but it seems that when I re-upload it, there are errors appearing that weren't there when I uploaded it the first time around ...

    Any help is highly appreciated, as there are already a lot of people waiting to order it :)
  2. stonysmith
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    Contact They may be able to retrieve the older copy of the file and send it to you. But, they can't 'revert' the model back to an older copy. You'd be required to upload the model anew.

    If you have a model that works in one material and not in another, it's best to have two separate copies of it in your shop.
  3. Onyriade
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    Well, the old model is not what I'm looking for, as I kept a backup of it on my computer. I just wanted to avoid re-uploading it as the "clean-up" process is creating some weird holes in the mesh, which didn't appear the first time I uploaded it.

    Anyway, next time I will upload separate models instead of updating existing ones, it will be much safer that way.

    Thanks for your help :)