Retro cellphone antennas

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  1. ZeeMar
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    hi All!

    I designed a set of retro cellphone antennas. They do not 'do' anything for your reception, that is not the point. It is just for giggles because it can make your iPhone or other cellphone look like one of the old classics brick phones of the past... :laughing:

    For my first print, I rendered a StarTAC antenna in Black Strong and Flexible, and a CB radio (curly style) antenna in Black Detail. BD came out with the curly part not so good but fixed by remolding in hot water. Also I had to sand down the plug to fit my phone. The StarTAC came out way better in BSF, it was straight and fit the jack with no finishing work.

    Has anybody tried a dummy plug like this on an iPhone? I do not have one handy to test it with. I don't know if it would put the phone into a headset mode.

    Nevertheless I have put 5 different antennas up for sale in my shop, around ten bucks each.

    The CB radio:
    CB radio 1.JPG
    CB radio 2.JPG

    The StarTAC:
    startac alone 1.JPG
    startac in phone 1.JPG
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  2. underitall
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    I really like them.
    Liked on Facebook, added to Favourites and in my Wishlist.
    Thanks, I'll order it with my next order which will be around when Squishy, Strong & Flexible is here :D

    Also I was looking for some kind of inspiration to make a headphone jack accessory for my phone, but don't know what, I'll carry on thinking but get this too.

  3. ana_xyz
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    Hey ZeeMar, this is hilarious. :) I gave it a nod in Friday Finds.